Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

There is a large part of me that really hates living in a big city. All the concrete, all the noise, the traffic, the pollution, and the fact that we are all just stacked on top of each other… little sardines in a tiny little can. However with all the bad there comes the good and there is a large part of me that LOVES living in LALA land. Not only is it an amazing city full of culture, tons of yummy food and lots of fun things to do, it also is sunny and perfect almost all of the time. With it snowing across most of the US, with friends posting photos of frigid temperatures and digging their cars out of snow, we get to rock out on the beach, and wear flip flops year round.

Anyways with Ms. Pool Shark still in town we decided to hit up the Science Center, because kids love to explore and I knew Ms. Pool Shark and her little girl would just love it. The center is free, but of course you have to pay for parking. And it rocks three separate small children discovery centers. With two young children and Ms. Pool Shark’s sprained ankle rooms of things for little people to discover was just what we needed.







The kids loved the cleaning supplies in the first discovery center, the magna tiles in the second and the iPad station in the third. iPads are akin to the best thing on the planet for my Little Cricket. We popped in for a quick peek to look at some aquariums before we deemed the kids, and ourselves done. Little people are awesome!




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