Friday, February 13, 2015

California Dreaming in Malibu

My exploring, get out of the house, see new things, have new adventures, go get em kinda groove has been seriously off kilter. With not feeling all that great this pregnancy and with having Mr. Rogue work so much overtime and with my Little Cricket needing (what feels like) every moment of my attention I am just so beyond drained. Thankfully Ms. Pool Shark isn’t in my same situation; and since she is a go get em kinda girl just like I usually am, she picked up the pace and set us onto an adventure.

Today we went and got my blood drawn for some more baby related standard test my doctor wanted to do and then we were off to Malibu. The drive on the 1 is simply gorgeous. With the bluffs and the beaches and the crashing waves it seriously lifts my heart so high. The day was beautiful and perfect and we headed to our destination. Ms. Pool Shark found what she was looking for, a beautiful restaurant, right on the water, that had valet, with amazing views and delicious food; yes we realize it was a tall order. After much searching Ms. Pool Shark found our winner, Geoffery’s.




The restaurant did not disappoint. We were under the shade of beautiful umbrellas, with a table close to the water’s edge and the menu looked super yummy. This is how we love to dine. Of course it was a little different than our usual, since we had two kids in tow, but both little ones did really well during lunch. We both ordered the Hawaiian burger, and oh my goodness what a divine burger it was; kobe beef, grilled pineapple ring and crispy bacon. I was a little bummed out that I couldnt indulge in a drink during lunch, but at least Ms. Pool Shark shared her cherry. That's what best friends are for!





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