Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big Hearts for Correct Colors

Unfortunately Mr. Rogue has a deadline at work, which means that he had to work most of Valentine’s day. Total bummer for sure, but at least I had Ms. Pool Shark to hang out with all day. We took the kids for a double header. Went to one park in the morning, and then back home for lunch and a nap, and then a second park in the afternoon. Tomorrow Ms. Pool Shark and I are heading out for the day, which means that the kids are going to be cooped up at home with my good friend Ms. Yogi. We figured that we would RUN them to the ground today and hopefully give Ms. Yogi a little easier time tomorrow.

Mr. Rogue finally got home around 8 and I gave him his basket of beer. I get him one every year and he loves it. I pretty much just go to a specialty beer shop and tell the guy the types of beers my husband likes and then I let the guy go to town and pick out things that he thinks would suit. I usually also throw in something a little off the wall too, just to spice things up. I did get some pretty awesome gifts this year. He sent me roses in a gorgeous crystal vase. I love flowers, and I love roses, but that vase was just damn beautiful. And then best of all Mr. Rogue got me a new computer monitor and an updated video card. Not exactly diamonds but I have been complaining for months about my current setup and how the colors are always off. This new setup is the best it gets and now my photos will be accurately shown. My man is simply the BEST man ever!



Not wanting to leave Ms. Pool Shark alone, and not really loving the idea of going out on a crowded Valentines night, we are getting old, we opted to order in for dinner. We got some fabulous sushi from our local favorite place and watched the movie Mud. Not exactly romantic but what a great movie.


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