Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Group

In our baby group this week we talked about how parenting should be a benevolent dictatorship. We cannot be our children’s best friends, we cannot overindulge their every want and fantasy. On the other hand we cannot be too militant, we must listen to our children’s feelings and try and understand where they are coming from. Essentially we as parents need to be high on limits and high on love.


We also talked about transitioning our children to their own big beds. My son is a climber and although he hasn’t climbed out of his crib yet I can see it in our near future. I would love to get him in a big boy bed before the new baby arrives in July however my Little Cricket will only be 2 years old and 3 months. My baby group leader has strongly expressed to wait to put our toddlers into their own bed until at least 3. She said that their ability to stop their bodies and listen to what you explain to them isnt developed at two. If we can get to 3 or even three and a half then we have a better chance of succeeding to get our children to sleep in their beds and not have to constantly drag them back 20 times a night. Since the new baby will sleep in a bassinet in my room for at least the first four to five months I am willing to let my Little Cricket stay in his crib as long as I can keep him in there. Cross your fingers folks.

A topic none of us want to think about is sexual predators. But we were given a brief lesson on what to look for and what to teach our children. A professional in the field has offered to do a private seminar for our group and I am thinking of hosting it. This is information that could potentially keep my son at a lower risk of getting abused.

Lastly the helpers in the group brought out a little craft for the kids during class. My Little Cricket loves crafts. The craft that they choose had little barnyard animals, glue and small little shapes of color the kids could glue on. My Little Cricket had so much fun.


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