Monday, January 19, 2015

Baby Fruit Turns 3

Nothing shows the passage of time quite like the seemingly accelerated growth of the children around you. Time was crawling a few years ago, now with my own Little Cricket as well as several nieces and nephews, time seems to be flying by. Today we went over the Fruits house to celebrate my little nephew turning three. He is such a ham and always smiling. Like his big sister he loves princesses and tinker bell, so of course he wanted a tinker bell themed party. The family compromised and threw a Captain Hook/pirate/Tinkerbell theme.




Most of the time we hung out in the backyard where my Little Cricket went goo goo over the toys. He loved the bubble machine, the cars, the play toy with a slide and a swing, and most of all the bounce house. There were just the perfect amount of kids and adults there, not too crowded and we all had such a great time.







Soon it was time to blow out the candles and open the gifts. After wandering around Toy’s R Us for over an hour I finally picked out a little wooden train set for Baby Fruit. He simply loved it, thank goodness. In fact all the kids were playing with it for over an hour so I consider that a success. But most importantly we all had a wonderful time celebrating with family for such a happy occasion.




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