Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Sausage Needed to be Elevated

My best friend Mrs. Dancer is a major athlete and a super dancer, she plays hard and as a result she is constantly injured. Many of her injuries are ankle injuries and I have seen her so often on crutches I think she may be a better walker with them than without them. She is seriously a lean mean crazy awesome crunching machine. Comparatively Ms. Pool Shark, who has never been injured, is a hot mess on crutches. Now I cannot judge, I have only been on crutches once and I am sure I was nowhere near the coordination of Mrs. Dancer; no mortal human could be. However it was very obvious, with her lack of any crutching skills, that Ms. Pool Shark wasn’t going anywhere other than back and forth to the bathroom.

Since yesterday’s day of travel was hard on Ms. Pool Shark, and since her poor little ankle blew up like a fat little sausage, I suggested she stay home and rest propping her foot up while I took the kids to burn off some steam at the park. WOW what a HUGE difference there is between a four year old and a not quite two year old. Ms. Pool Sharks little girl was AWESOME. She listened, she could communicate what she wanted with words and she was even amazing at helping with my Little Cricket. We had so much fun playing all together. I don’t get to see Ms. Pool Shark often with her living in Pittsburgh so it was extra special that I could spend some time bonding with her beautiful baby girl.








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