Monday, January 12, 2015

A Quick Trip to the Pediatrician

At your last visit a little over a month ago we got your flu shot. I know there is tons of debate about vaccinations and flu shots. Vaccinations I can get completely behind. Although I don’t want to pump a bunch of chemicals into my precious baby boy I also know about the horrible life threatening diseases that these vaccinations prevent. So not vaccinating my child was never an option. Flu shots on the other hand I could give or take. I never get them, my husband always does and I think both of us get sick (not often) but the same amount of times. However I do respect my doctor, I do respect her education and her opinion and the opinion of the medical community. I respect that this is not my area of expertise, so when the doctor strongly recommended that I give my Little Cricket the flu shot I agreed.


Today we went back to get the booster flu shot and also to quickly check your ears. They had a little water in them the last time we visited and she just wanted to be sure they were clear. And of course you were fine now, no ear infection, hurrah.

They of course did a quick check of vitals and took your weight. You have only gained four ounces in four months; entering in at 22 pounds. You are only about 25th Percentile for weight. Tall and skinny just like daddy.


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