Monday, February 16, 2015

A Little Well Deserved Pampering for the Princesses

Neither Ms. Pool Shark or I like to leave our kids. Our parenting approaches are very similar and I don’t mind a little sacrifice now to make sure my son has the best care I can offer him. However now that he is a little older, and with a good friend in town, I can arrange to take a little time away for just the two of us. So I got Ms. Yogi to agree to babysit twice while Ms. Pool Shark is visiting. Today was one of those days. Ms. Pool Shark and I had 6 glorious fabulous uninterrupted hours to play. We opted first to have lunch at The Penthouse in Santa Monica. The Penthouse is one of my all time favorite restaurants, little drink spots in LALA Land. With beautiful views of the ocean, a cool laid back vibe and amazing food it really is a fantastic place to take out of town guests.

I have been really slacking off with my photography. I often am too tired or too drained to think too much in advance about anything. Pre-pregnancy/baby brain I would spend part of my time photo documenting what I was doing on an almost daily basis. I often brought out my DSLR, and if not that then at least my little Olympus handheld point and shoot. Now if I take any photos they are usually with my iPhone, a far inferior way to take photos. And the amount of photos I take has now dwindled to probably 10% of normal. Some may rejoice at this but as it is so much a part of me it is just another indicator that I am drained.




Anyways being around Ms. Pool Shark, who is taking photos like I used too, has revamped my love of photography and has given me a kick start to start trying harder. So today I took some photos of the beautiful scenery, I shot a few of my delicious food and even posed for a few myself (which I haven’t been doing lately either because I am feeling like a pregnant beached puffy whale).



We spent a good 2.5 hours on lunch and then it was time to head over for our appointment at the spa. AHHHHH time to indulge in the deliciousness.


Later that evening I got Ms. Pool Shark hooked on Game of Thrones. I have read the books and watched the seasons up to date. Ms. Pool Shark was in for a treat, she had never seen it and I loved to be there with her watching it. She is now hooked.


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