Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Little Me Time

I am getting so dragged down. I am not sure if it is the pregnancy, or if it’s the fact that Mr. Rogue is working all the time, or if my Little Cricket is just so active and needy right now in the stage he is in, but I am really reaching a limit. I don’t really want to leave my Little Cricket with anyone until he is old enough to really talk, and I am committed to giving him my all, but sometimes mommy just needs a break. So for the next few weeks I am going to get a long time friend Ms. Pixie to help take care of my Little Cricket for a few hours a week. Just to give me a tiny window where I can completely turn off.

So she came over today, and it was the first time where I had a sitter for four hours and I didn’t have to do something. It felt like the most luxurious selfish indulgence and it was amazing. Of course I missed my kid and spent a good hour going through old videos of him, but that is beside the point. I am sure it will get easier over time.

Yeah, I got a break and I watched videos of my kid. That just happened.

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