Friday, January 2, 2015

The Week in Moments: 84 Weeks Old

We brought the baskets for your toys back in thinking maybe we just had to rough out the ‘no’ with the climbing for a few days and you would lose interest… except that I started losing my mind with the amount of ‘no’s’ I was throwing around. We lasted two days before they got kicked back out. The problem is that without the baskets there is nowhere for me to store the toys and the floor littered with toys is driving me nuts. Needless to say I have to find a new solution fast.

We put away most of your Christmas presents. Not because you didn’t want them but because I didn’t want to overwhelm you with so many new things at once. I love the fact that you will often play quietly with toys on your own and I don’t want to create a child who constantly needs new things in order to be happy. So this morning we brought out your dump truck for you to play with. I originally intended it as a beach toy but you and daddy had so much fun playing with it. You kept filling it up over and over again with blocks and then dumping them onto the floor.


Since I took out the baskets you started trying to climb everything else. And this week you managed to climb onto the barstools. They are tall and iron so I am always afraid you are going to fall and konk your little head. NO matter how many times I say no, explain that it is dangerous, etc you STILL insist on climbing them. I turn my back for a moment, to feed the dog, use the restroom or flip the laundry and you climb up those chairs and stand on the counter. So I guess we are kicking the bar stools out of the room now too. This room is getting a little too bare.


Oh how you love your daddy. When he can daddy gets up with you in the morning, you have breakfast together and then you goof around until I reluctantly get out of bed. Daddy like to try and eat your chin, you think it’s the funniest thing in the world. You don’t laugh with the same amount of glee when I try so maybe its daddy’s goatee that tickles so much.


You won’t let daddy or me feed you one single bite but boy oh boy to you just LOVE feeding us your food. Every time we eat a bite you giggle away in glee. You are such a happy baby boy.



Your teeth are coming in so much later than normal, of course your grandma said the same thing happened with your daddy and your uncle so its genetic. Your teeth grown in slowly and only one at a time so it seems like you are always teething. You are constantly putting things in your mouth to chew, and since I have limited the binkie to only nap and bedtime your fingers are in your mouth all the time. At least you aren’t sucking your thumb.



When I carry you now you have started grabbing onto my clothes with one hand and my hair (usually my ponytail) with the other. You like to hold the edge of my shirt when I carry you and you remind me of a little monkey.


We go to a ton of mom group activities since we belong to three separate ones there is always something fun going on. With the holidays and me being sick we haven’t seen our friends for a while. But yesterday we went to our first 2nd year birthday party. That’s right all the babies are now going to start turning two which means lots of parties from now through the summer. Since the weather was unpredictable they had the party at an indoor space, although crowded it was really lovely to see everyone and have the kids in a space where they couldn’t run away.


You are starting to do better at following me at the park. You are learning to follow the sidewalk and come when I call you. Now if I can just get you to stop running away from me we would be in business. We go to the park often at least 4-5 times a week. With your love for climbing I can at least honor your impulses at the park where you get to climb everything to your little hearts content. One of the parks we go to often has sand you love to play in, and the other has a small airport attached to it. Although the airport is loud you love to sit at the fence and watch the planes take off into the sky.











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