Friday, December 26, 2014

The Week in Moments: 83 Weeks Old

Two weeks ago you learned the value of standing on the large coffee table baskets to get things you want. So I took out the baskets. Last week, because there were no baskets, you decided to start standing on anything that would get you a little higher. And this week you stood on things to reach the gate, and you managed to open it. Your toy baskets are now becoming the things you stand on most, well that and the high chair.






In complete frustration I emptied out all your toys onto the floor and stacked the toy baskets in the dining room for now. I am hoping if I keep them away from you for a week or two you might forget. As to the high chair and the other toys you keep standing on I just keep trying to reiterate ‘NO CLIMBING’. I feel like a broken record and you still don’t listen. I cannot win, you are a climber, you have a mission, you win.


This week I was rushing around trying to get us out the door and I just could NOT find my flip flops. I know I brought them down but when I went to put them on they were gone. I was pretty sure you had snatched them, and put them somewhere. But when I checked all your usual hiding spots, the big pot planters, your kitchen cabinet, your toy baskets, the kitchen sink; I couldn’t for the life of me find them. Finally in annoyance… because maybe I was losing my mind I ran upstairs and grabbed a different pair of shoes and we ran out the door. Fast forward four hours later. I am making dinner and I go to throw away the potato peels in the trash… guess what I found. My shoes. I have the trash can in the dining room, on the other side of the baby gate, because you kept throwing away everything. Apparently you have a long enough reach now to get things into the trash. So it’s time to scoot the trash can further away from the gate. At least I found them. And at least there is a bright side, mommy is not crazy.


I have stayed pretty clean with your meals, keeping everything organic, natural and pretty damn healthy. This week however I opted to try you eating some macaroni and cheese. YUMMM of course you loved it who wouldn’t. You insist on eating on your own. If I try to help you, to you know make mealtime go a little faster you boycott your food altogether. On one hand the independence is great, it allow me freedom from having to feed you all the time. On the other hand it would be nice if you let me help you a little bit. You eat well so I guess I just need to console myself with that. And as an added bonus I don’t have to clean up the mess you make, no instead Rogue happily helps on that count. He is one happy fat dog since you started eating on your own.




We had a great lazy Christmas week. I don’t think any of us got out of our pjs for more than two hours the entire week. Other than the quick trip to the park, a little walk or a little visit to the grocery store we have stayed snuggled up at home. We have all enjoyed the happy quiet staycation, especially you and daddy.







You are saying many single words, not often but you are getting there. What you do all the time though is gabber. We have whole conversations where you and I are talking without really talking. We have been doing this since you were little and although now I have a much harder time getting it on video I finally managed to catch one conversation. You are adorable… and for comparison sake I will also post a video of you when you were only 3 months old.

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