Friday, December 12, 2014

The Week in Moments: 81 Weeks Old

You are becoming a lean mean wrecking machine. Everything you see you attempt to climb (even the dog isnt safe), everything you can reach you attempt to experiment with (aka destroy). This week despite me always right there you managed to brake a candle and a coffee cup. I love seeing you grown and develop and on the other hand, since you cannot control your impulses I am terrified you will hurt yourself. I have been moving things out of the family room, the room we are in most often, that just present problems over and over again, this week we lost our coffee table-esque basket. We have been using this for months since I took out our old coffee table because you were yanking on it. And now we have no coffee table at all.









You continue to be a really great eater. Sadly you still wont eat any kind of meat. The only way I can get you to eat a little is in my blended homemade spaghetti sauce or blended homemade chicken noodle soup. Everything else you won’t touch. Needless to say I am learning a ton more about vegetarian diets and keeping you balanced with nutrients. A fun new little trick you learned at mealtimes is drinking your milk and then spitting it out all over yourself, your tray, your food. Its totally disgusting and I have no idea how to make you stop. You think its funny when I tell you no. Hopefully it is just a phase, a very short phase.



I often wonder why you have a death wish. Your favorite place to play is right by my feet. Sure its cute that you want to be close to me, but when I am doing something a little dangerous like cooking fat popping bacon I worry. When you aren’t right under me playing you are trying to copy what I am doing. My Little Cricket you just LOVE doing what mama is doing. It’s nice when I am cleaning, I now have a little helper. This week I was rubbing daddy’s back and you just had to hop in between us and give him a little massage yourself.




You get to see daddy for at least an hour most days. He is working crazy hours right now but he tries to carve out as much time for you as he can every single day. I really appreciate that even with 16 hour days he still finds time to roll on the floor with you. And now its so cute when daddy leaves for work in the mornings, you stand at the gate and are consistently saying bye bye daddy.



Speaking of copying everything we do you are too smart for your own good. You have now seen us open the baby gate so many times that you are attempting it yourself. Its only a matter of time…


I love that you are loving the crafts I create for you. Almost every single day you play with the felt Christmas tree I made and hung for you. And the ribbon pull box, that was super easy to make, you just LOVE it. We are going to have to find some more crafts to make, when I have the energy and time… sigh.


You are mimicking so many words now. It isn’t consistent, and because of your obsession I can’t get you to talk on camera to save my life, but you are really starting to communicate your needs. Your favorite words this week are cracker, cookie, stairs, toes, nose, more, down.






You bring me so much joy. So much laughter. My heart is full of love. You have healed me when I was broken. You are my little rainbow baby, my sweet Little Cricket and I adore you more than words can ever say.










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