Friday, December 5, 2014

The Week in Moments: 80 Weeks Old

You are a little stinker, so cute, always into mischief and seriously the light of my life. Grandma and grandpa and all our relatives are still in town and you are just eating up all the love and attention. You are also completely obsessed with electronics. I am going to have such a hard time with you when everyone leaves. Every time an iphone, or ipad, or remote comes out you want it immediately and everyone can’t help but give in to your adorableness. So my little son, get ready for the withdraw… no electronics is coming in your near future.







Its officially Christmas and I am so excited for you to experience the magic of the holidays. This week while buying our big Christmas tree for the front room I got you your own little tree for your room. A three foot little beauty that glows softly as you fall asleep. I got a bunch of ornaments that are stuffed and non-breakable and you like to decorate it and redecorate it.


You still aren’t talking like crazy yet. There are about 20 words that you can say but you don’t use them consistently. This week you added a few new ones to your vocabulary:
Shoes (Thoose)

Even with the new words ‘no’ continues to be your favorite word. I ask you if you want down, I ask if you want to go outside, if you want to put on your shoes or take them off. Everything is always no. I think this is called karma.





You have 10 teeth now. All random and nothing in its proper order, but at least you do have teeth now. Unfortunately your teeth are growing in really crooked. They are so bad that your pediatrician said it’s the worse she has seen in a while. Sigh. At least you love brushing your teeth so they will be clean white crooked teeth. Don’t worry we will just get you braces later if they don’t cooperate and get straight on their own.



You climb everything. We are removing so much furniture from the room because of the climbing. But I cant take out everything. The big problem is that you wont listen. I will tell you no climbing, over and over and over again. And you will stop for a moment… until I turn my back. This week you took a really bad fall off the back of the recliner. I know its an impulse control thing. I know you are exploring and learning. I just hope we get through this phase quickly.


One of your all time favorite things to do is play in one of the two cabinets I have set aside as yours. This week you are now hiding in the cabinet. Its your secret little hidy hole and its super duper adorable.


You have started doing this strange thing. You walk sometimes with your hands behind your back. Sometimes you are holding something, and it looks as though you are trying to hide it from me, but then other times you just walk this way. You look like some 90 year old proper man out for a stroll in the park. It makes me giggle.


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