Friday, November 28, 2014

The Week in Moments: 79 Weeks Old

We have a whole houseful of family in for Thanksgiving week and you are gobbling up all the love and affection. I love it so much when family visits because it finally gives me a much needed break. Everyone chipped in and got some snuggles and play time with my Little Cricket and I loved it as much as he did. Ms Pixie, my fourteen year old niece, in particular was a super big help. In fact she loved hanging out with him so often when we were out and about I may even have to fly her out to LALA land for a month this summer to help out with my Little Cricket. Mr. Rogue will be working his ridiculous crunch hours and I will be 8 months pregnant. I know I am going to need all the help I can get.








We have been strict about keeping electronics away from you. Experts suggest waiting until after two to introduce screen time but with a houseful of people, all who LOVE electronics it was impossible to keep you away. Phones, laptops, iPads and the television was on all the time. I kept chanting in my head it was only for a week; its vacation after all. But you sure did gravitate to anything with a screen. You were memorized.



I feel like one of the things they don’t tell you about being a new parent is that your kid will be teething forever. Or at least my kid is. Again this week you were chewing on your hands all the time. You have another two molars comin in which makes you a little fussier than normal. You also are being a little more picky with what you eat.


Of course this is also the week where you started to eat yogurt, oatmeal, spaghetti all by yourself with some semblance of success. In fact you are so proud of yourself and your new eating skills that you will no longer let me help you eat. You just sit there and refuse to open your mouth until I walk away. I was a big fan of doing things on my own as a small child. In fact my mother still laments that my favorite words were “Me Do”. Karma is a bitch.


To the amusement of all you learned how to balance things on your head this week. Including but not limited to your snack cup. I had a good 20 minute laugh from that one. You also friggin love the refrigerator and are getting so fast at sneaking in behind me. I will open the door just to get something quickly and you will try to grab whatever you can on the bottom shelf of the door. When you succeed you run with said item cackling in glee. I have an almost permanent smile on my face because of you.



With the holidays and family in town daddy has gotten to spend a ton of time with you too. You really are starting to look so much more like daddy as you get older. Your blonding hair, your hands and feet, your ability to zone in on one thing and let the world fall away. Even your temperament I can see a ton of your daddy in you.




You are simply adorable. You have these little quirks and your personality is really starting to shine through. I am so in love with the age you are right now.






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paul peggy zeus said...

Gosh, you nephew is getting so big! Looks like everyone had a ball playing with Cami.

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