Friday, December 19, 2014

The Week in Moments: 19 Months Old (82 Weeks)

You are officially 19 months this week. The Christmas season has been so fun this year. We are still using the advent calendar, and every morning you get to pull out a new little toy or fun craft. Even though we are keeping this Christmas holiday pretty low key, we aren’t traveling anywhere and we won’t have a houseful of people, I am loving this slower Christmas season.




Last week we took the 2 large baskets that we were using as coffee tables out of the family room. You wouldn’t leave them alone, you kept climbing all over them and I was afraid you were going to get hurt. So we took them out, which only seemed to divert your attention to other things in the room you could attempt to climb. This week you are standing on your lego collection container, you are flipping over toys and trying to climb on them, and the subwoofer is now a climbing toy too.



you are now officially a little monkey – I sit at the counter eating breakfast and there you are poking your little head in the crook of my arm begging for more breakfast



You have done really well with the Christmas tree in your room. In fact you have done so well with it I almost wish we would have gone ahead and gotten a big tree for the family room. I bought you stuffed unbreakable ornaments for your little tree and you enjoy taking them off and putting them back on. But you are so careful and delicate not to hurt the branches.





You are eating great and getting better and better every week. This week you even managed to eat some butternut squash soup without too much trouble. Sure you made a huge mess but you were so proud of yourself. And then you started trying to eat without your hands, it was super cute when you were in your high chair and trying to eat off your tray, not so cute when you spilled the entire bag of cheerios on the floor and tried to eat without your hands from the floor.




You love to put on my socks and shoes. Yesterday I came down with some large pink fuzzy socks on. You procceded to take them off of me and then put them on yourself. It was so funny I was rolling on the floor. To see you with my big fluffly pink socks on, they went all the way up your little legs. Ahhh you crack me up. Nothing is as amazing though as Aunt Dancer’s big brown boots. She has been wearing them every time she comes over. Each time she does you immediately start trying to tug them off.





You are now the right height and weight to allow me to turn your car seat around. I have done so much research and I just decided to leave you backwards as long as possible. You don’t seem to mind it, and why should you, it’s the only way you have ever traveled. And the research states that since a babies spine isn’t fully developed until age 2 you are 75% more likely not to get injured with the seat in the rear facing position. Countries like Sweden recommend rear facing until age 4. I am at least going to shoot for age 2, which is what the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests.


I am having a harder and harder time getting photos and videos of you doing the adorable things you are doing. You move so fast, and now whenever I take out a camera or my phone you like to dive for it. I did manage two short video clips this weekend and a little photoshoot. Mr. Rogue has been dancing and twirling with you and you have been spinning, making yourself so dizzy, all week long. That and reading to yourself are your two favorite things to do right now.





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