Monday, December 15, 2014

Rogue Baby #2: A Little R&R

I am getting sick, or I am dying, or I am just pregnant, or it is a combination of two or all of these, regardless I am beat down. I am so super tired. Way more tired than with my first pregnancy. I am sure part of it is that I have to chase a toddler around while trying to battle morning sickness and getting enough to eat often enough, and drinking enough water, and resting enough.

So I started to sleep when my Little Cricket sleeps, which means I am sleeping way more than I should be. I am avoiding cooking, I am avoiding cleaning, I am letting the blog slip even more behind, I am barely taking any photos… and you know when I stop taking photos I am past my limit.


I wish I had family closer to help. I wish Mr. Rogue didn’t have to work so much. I wish I had live in help. And then I remember I have a healthy baby boy, a man that is working hard for our family and that adores us, and I am gloriously pregnant with a healthy baby.

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