Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Anatomy Scan Number 2

I went in today to the ultrasound specialist office for the second time this month. Two weeks ago I came in and although everything checked out fine the doctor couldn’t get a good look at my little girls heart. Since I am considered at risk for two previous miscarriages and for my advanced maternal age (sigh 36) I was told to come in again. The visit was supposed to be quick. Since everything else checked out last time we only had to look at the heart, but of course my baby was being stubborn. She was in the exact same position as last time, with her little arms crossed over her chest.

I left and took a walk for 20 minutes and then came back. Thankfully the walk got her to move and finally give the doctor and the technician good looks at her heart. Everything thankfully is fine and I left happy to have seen my baby girl again.


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