Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Remembering 2014 in Words and Photos

I feel like this is another fantastic year. I had a rough five years there where anything and everything seemed to go wrong. I am a simple creature. I like a plan, I like to strategize and organize, I like to have steps and I like all those steps and strategies to be executed in a precise and timely manner. When several horrible life storms hit, the boat tipped over, and I fell out drowning my plans sadly went through the window. Instead of being in control I felt like life didn’t make sense anymore and I fell into an abyss of depression. I spent years struggling, attempting to get the scales back in balance. Last year, and continuing into this year the scales have finally balanced out. The plan is now falling into place. Mostly that has to do with my healthy baby boy and this new pregnancy. But other things are working in my little families favor as well, our business is doing well, our health has been great, and we have a new plan in operation that will make us all so much happier. I am so much happier now that life is back on track.

Anyways here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year and also my little end of the year in photos video. Happy New year everyone.

We Have a Very Big, Little Surprise!!!
“My off-ness was so bad that Thursday, while I was in my babygroup class, I lost it and ended up crying.”

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch
“Oh and I just couldnt reisit this 'Fang-tastic' tshirt. With my Little Cricket's vampire fangs its just perfect for him.”

This Place is Corn-mazing
“The maze was ridiculously awesome and much harder than I thought it would be. At almost a half mile square there were so many twists and turns and dead ends to make your head spin.”

The Fruits Halloween Bash
“I threw all of our costumes in the car, we all got in the car on time, but I ended up trying to do my makeup on the way there… in the car… and no I wasn’t driving.”

Pittsburgh: Day 5 – Time to Celebrate my Old City
“I couldn’t help but be so happy to be in the moment with someone who was just as excited as me. Not everyone would think it was ‘fun’ to drive for more than 3 hours just to see some pretty leaves but Ms. Pool Shark, she is a kindred spirit, and it heightened my joy to be sharing this moment with her joyful spirit.”

Florida Road Trip Day 12 – Sanibel Island: Ding Darling Sanctuary
“We made it back to our car, and back to the air conditioning in time for me to not pass out.”

Florida Road Trip Day 1 – Orlando: Evil’s Sweat Lodge aka Summer in Florida
“As My Little Cricket gets older, more mobile, and less content to sit for long periods of time quiet and still, I often wonder if this trip was going to be the ‘trip that goes horribly wrong’ and makes me want to travel never again.”

There She Doesn’t Blow
“It seems our captain likes to drive with his feet… I suppose it’s a practical thing, he is after all supposed to be looking for whale, but it seems awfully strange.”

A Beach Baby
“Ms. Sweetie was so cute, she was playing in the sand with My Little Cricket and she was hoeing a little too vigorously… she broke the hoe… shes a bad hoe.”

The Package was Kidnapped, and then Ransomed
“I found the manager, I saw my package and I negotiated a ransom. Instead of paying $40 dollars for a month of a PO Box. I filled out a crap load of paperwork and paid $5 dollars for a PO Box for the day.”

My Little Crickets First Birthday Party
“I would regret not spending a special day celebrating with family and friends. So since I don’t want to live my life with regrets and what ifs a birthday party we threw.“

The Lie Every Crafty Mama Tells Herself
“I am a crafty girl. But I told myself that I wasn’t going to craft this party. I just couldn’t possibly.”

Finding Balance, It’s an Elusive Bitch
“Being a new mom is much harder than I thought it would be. Not because its hard to change a diaper or feed my son but because this mom gig is all consuming, all encompassing, without a break in sight.“

Caribbean Cruise: Getting to San Juan, Puerto Rico
“This is exactly why I wanted to take this trip, not only so she could spend more time with my son but also for the memories. I don’t get to see her nearly enough and she is going to be gone too soon.”

Like Trying to Wrestle and Octopus into a Tutu
“However with the addition of a child, its like I have a black vortex of time suckage in my normally well planned out day.”

Old Negatives Restored
“Just recently I dug out that box, I found a specialty print shop that could develop these types of negatives and then I almost passed out when they told me how much it would cost.”

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