Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Own Little Version of Black Friday – Let Christmas Begin

I can’t stand shopping on Black Friday, the parking, the lines and the mass chaos is just too much for me. I also like to continue the good vibes and thankfulness of the previous day instead of dealing with a stressful situation. Lastly, I like to get all my Christmas gift shopping done before Thanksgiving. I find that I can enjoy the holidays so much more when I am not freaking out about the to do list part of the holidays. So Black Friday, in our house, is all about staying at home and decorating for Christmas. I really am the type of person that would love to decorate for Christmas in July… however I force myself to wait until the day after thanksgiving as is only appropriate. I do sadly have to get dressed to go out and get the tree, but other than that it is a lazy, decorating, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and watching movies kind of day.

This year Mrs. Painter and my niece Ms. Fairy came with me to pick out the tree. We went around the corner to the Hardware store which sells surprisingly awesome trees. The tree farm in the parking lot I went to two years ago had trees almost double the price. A hardware store is a far cry from the horse drawn sled, cutting down your own tree in the forest, kind of event from my childhood but this is LALA land so I will look at this as a glass half full; suntan while Christmas Tree shopping.


The trees that were in the lot weren’t awesome this year and I was super bummed out. Thank goodness the guy who worked there agreed to go check the stock in the warehouse. He was gone forever but he thankfully came back with an awesome tree that was just perfect. Normally I get two trees; one for the front living room and one for the more used family room. But with my Little Cricket I wasn’t sure about setting up a tree. I didn’t want to deal with the potential chaos it could create. So instead of getting my normal two full sized trees I opted to get a little tree for the kitchen counter in the family room. We could still get the feel of Christmas then without the potential drama. I also picked up a tree for my Little Crickets room, because I love the idea of our kids having their own trees during the holidays.



Over the visit I also swung by my favorite Christmas warehouse. Since we weren’t doing a big tree in the family room I wanted to get a few more garlands and lights that could go high up on the shelves. I also just have to go to this store every Christmas. I love to see the wonderful creations that the designers do with the exhibit trees and all the wonderful new things that come out. My sister in law who works for a company on Christmas decorations loved the inspiration of this place and of course my niece loved it too. Who doesn’t love Christmas!





And so we made it home with our trees and a bunch of fun Christmas things for the family room. The boys had everything cleared out and went about setting the tree up in the base for us. Mrs. Painter couldn’t resist the allure of the smell of a real tree. I attempted to explain Christmas to my Little Cricket, and let him know that the tree was to look at not to touch. And then we all chipped in with the decorations. Some of us having a little more fun than others.





Finally the house was finished and I was filled with glee at all the Christmas love!



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