Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Little Crickets Christmas Felt Tree

I searched online to do some fun crafts for the holidays and when I ran across a Christmas felt tree I knew I found something that I wanted to try. Since my Little Cricket wasn’t going to get a real tree with breakable ornaments to play with this was a good compromise. Plus as an added bonus, I knew that this was a project that we could use year after year.

I am exhausted all the time but this was something that didn’t take much materials or time to make. And I could do it on the floor in front of the TV. I had enough small pieces of felt to make the ornaments but I did have to go to Joanne Fabrics to get the large piece of green felt or if I could find it flannel. After reading several reviews about felt boards I found a general consensus that the fuzzier the felt the easier the pieces will latch onto each other. If I could find flannel for the base that would even be better because the felt really grabs onto the flannel. Thankfully I found a perfect green flannel green material that worked fabulously for my tree.

Then it was a matter of just cutting out the tree and ornaments. For the tree I just folded the material in half lengthwise and cut the tree shape. That way it would be symmetrical. With a couple of small tweeks I was happy with my freehand tree. For the ornaments I found a really good tutorial where the woman drew her characters and objects out on freezer paper. Then she ironed the freezer paper onto the felt. Sure this was another step but in gave a double bonus. First you were able to draw on the paper before just cutting the felt. Felt is hard to draw directly on. Second with the freezer paper ironed onto the felt it made the felt really easy to cut. Felt has a way of wiggling when trying to cut it even with my fancy sharp material scissors.

All in all the project took about 6 hours and most of that time was me working distracted while watching Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t have enough energy to work on phase two of my project. I bought embroidery thread so I could decorate the ornaments with pretty threads. That was just not going to happen… this year at least. There is always next year.



We put the tree up on a blank wall in the family room and my Little Cricket just LOVED it. He must have put the ornaments on the tree and took them off again a zillion times. I am really happy with how it turned out.


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