Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mom Group: Christmas Crafts

Today I got together with another one of my mom groups to attempt another set of crafts. This time, learning from last time we kept the group small and we kept the crafts much simpler. With only four babies and three moms and with the simpler crafts we had so much more success. We made two crafts, first was a little stained glass ornament for the window. We simply cut out the ornament ring, put down a piece of saran wrap and covered the saran wrap with some glue. Then we let the kids go to town laying their little squares of tissue paper right onto the glue. Once they were done we set them in the other room to play while us moms laid down the other side of the saran wrap, glued together the two ornament halves and put our kids name on them. They came out adorable!!!



The kids played in the other room with one of the moms watching them, while the rest of us got together the next craft. Once we were ready to start the kids were all at the gate. They wanted to get started. The second craft we took a stamp of each kids hand in some white paint onto green paper. Then while they ‘painted’ us moms took turns creating the santa head out of their handprint. I really liked how this craft turned out. And the kids had a blast getting messy with the painting.







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