Monday, January 5, 2015

January at the Beach

My cousin was leaving later this evening, but that left the whole day to play. I asked her what she wanted to do and of course Janurary at the beach is too appealing for a mid-westerner. It was a beautiful day, and we got there at the perfect time, low-tide. When the tide is high the ocean is rough, the waves crashing violently against the shore. I do love the primitive chaotic beauty of it all but for splashing little toes in the water low tide, with its gently swelling waves is much more appealing. Of course LALA land beaches have a mile of sand to get to the water, always a pain when traveling with my toddler and a loaded wagon. However since this was a quick trip we only brought the bare essentials.





My Little Cricket is such a beach baby. Last summer we were at the beach 3-4 times a week. He loves playing in the sand but most of all he loves the waves. He emits squeals of delight as each one comes to swamp his feet in freezing cold water. My happy little darling boy.







It was hard to tell who was happier. My son, or my cousin. I think my cousin may just win on that one since there is a blizzard and below freezing temperatures happening in her home town right now. She posted some of our fun fabulous beach photos on Facebook and of course got lots of replies of the miserable weather back home.




We stayed about an hour before little toes got a little too cold. We showered quickly at the outdoor showers, having two hands to help with my Little Cricket was so great. Still trying to get most of the sand off a squirming toddler in an outdoor shower when he was already cold wasn’t easy. We had just enough time to head to the Olive Garden for a quick early dinner and then we were off to the airport to drop off my cousin. It was a quick visit but I was grateful for the time we had.


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