Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Letter Complete

Every year I send out a Christmas letter with our Christmas cards. I have a long list of over 100 that we send our cards too and being a mom now it’s way more of a challenge to get them out on time. Usually I like to send them out on the first, but this year I am waiting until the middle of December. We want to announce the new baby in our cards, but I want to wait a little to see the babies heartbeat and be a few more weeks pregnant. Not that that’s a guarantee for anything but It would make me feel more comfortable.

Even though the cards aren’t going out just yet, I wanted to at least have the letter designed, that way I can just print, stuff and send when I am ready. I like to be a little crafty with my cards, and this year I took a stamp of my Little Crickets feet. That was a challenge for sure, he’s so wiggly and the paint kept smearing. After several attempts my mother in law and I finally managed to get each foot stamped that looked good.


Now that the letter is finished I just need to wait for the next ultrasound and hear that heartbeat.

Merry Christmas!


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paul peggy zeus said...

You always have such cute ideas!

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