Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Traditions

Growing up we sometimes got to open a gift Christmas eve. Usually it was a toy or something fun to play with. My brother in laws family has a tradition where the kids all open a pair of new pajamas on Christmas eve. I really loved it so we adopted it last year for our own. As an added bonus, and because I want to pump up my sons Christmas library, he also gets a Christmas book on Christmas eve.

The pajamas didn’t take long to open, I love that he can mostly open gifts now on his own. But pajamas aren’t that interesting to a little boy. They were left scattered on the floor behind him. The tag was the most interesting part.


But next he got to open his new book, and I just knew he was going to adore it. Little Blue Truck is his all time favorite book out of our collection right now and I just happened to find a Little Blue Truck Christmas book. On the last page Little Blue Trucks Christmas tree is all flashing lights. He adored it as I knew he would.



So I snuggled down with My Little Cricket in our rocking chair that night, new snuggly flannel Christmas jammies on, and we read that Little Blue Truck Christmas book four times. I sang his little twinkle twinkle lullaby and kissed his sweet head goodnight. I can’t wait for the morning.

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