Sunday, November 30, 2014

An Emergency Visit to the Vet

Tonight we had dinner at Mrs. Fruits house and then I was supposed to pick up dad from the airport. However when we arrived home from dinner I noticed that my dog wouldn’t leave the cat alone. Now my dog and cat are friends, they wash each other, they hang out and watch the birds together, they even sleep together. But this behavior from my dog was strange. So I picked up the cat and examined him. He had a gaping hole on his backside.

I totally freaked out. Took a moment to breathe and then rushed him to the 24 hour emergency vet.


I spent an hour at the vet where the doctor talked often about putting my beloved 21 year old cat to sleep. He said that my cat either had a stroke or he has a tumor pressing against a nerve in his back. And that he was now incontinent. I begged for any hope and they said maybe steroids, but that needed more tests to be sure his liver and kidneys could handle such heavy drugs. An hour and a significant amount of money later and we left the vet, drugs in hands and a thousand prayers in my heart. Hope against hope that the steroids work and my baby gets better.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I hate when the babies get sick. No fun et all!

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