Monday, December 29, 2014

A Rare and Well Deserved Date Night

Tonight Mr. Rogue and I decided to go out for dinner and a movie. Mr. Rogues parents got us a gift certificate to Ruth Chris which is always a favorite of ours. Their roasted tomatoes are so delicious and although I had to pass on the wine (which I really really wanted) we had a fabulous long drawn out meal.



And then as a rare treat we went to the movies. Mr. Rogue isnt a big fan of the movie theater. He would rather watch movies at home, away from crowds, in his own comfy chair. However some epic movies, movies he deems cannot be watched at home he will concede to bear the masses. The new Hobbit movie is one of those movies. Unfortunately for me I overestimated the times and well we missed the first movie we were going to see. No big deal, we just headed to a different theater, this is after all LALA land. In a huge city if one place doesn’t work there are always a hundred others that will.



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