Monday, December 1, 2014

A New Holiday Tradition: The Rogue Advent Calendar

Since this is my Little Crickets’s first proper Christmas at home, where he might be able to slightly gleen what the heck is going on, I decided to enter in a new Christmas tradition. At first I was going to make my own advent calendar, but aint no one got time for that. So I got a really cute advent calendar from Pottery Barn.


We didn’t do an advent calendar growing up and neither did Mr. Rogues family but I thought it would be something cute and new we could do as a family. I gathered together some toys; art supplies, a soccer ball, stickers, some Christmas ornaments for his tree in his room, and a bunch of little toy animals.


And then I wrote on index cards folded in half what my Little Cricket would receive on certain days. I had so much fun putting this project together. I can’t wait to see my Little Cricket light up with joy every morning taking out a new card and getting a new little gift. Merry Christmas!


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