Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Day of Making Merry & Bright

It has arrived, Christmas morning, the most magical time of the year, and so super fun now with a little kiddo of my own. All the presents were tucked neatly under the tree, or at least near it, and my Little Cricket was so excited that finally I would let him TOUCH the presents.



It took forever to open the gifts. My Little Cricket kept getting distracted, and we were really trying to get him to open his own gifts. That on top of letting him play a little with each toy before we moved on to the next gift and all while trying to take a few cute photos and we ended up all sitting in the family room for 3.5 hours. It wasn’t that we had a ton to open, but that we just wanted to take it slow. My Little Cricket eventually got the knack of ripping paper, something he enjoyed just as much as the toys, and then he had a great time trying to figure out how to play with all the new things he got. I particularly loved how he tried to sit in his dump truck.





He even got a new little gift from his soon to be sibling; a little shirt that says ‘Im the big brother’. I can’t wait until he gets to wear it.


In between opening my Little Crickets gifts, while he was distracted playing with his new toy, Mr. Rogue and I would quickly open a few of our own. Sometimes my Little Cricket would crawl over and insist on helping us open our gifts. We got quite a few things we wanted but more things we needed like new sheets and an awesome bowl set from my mom to replace the one I had that had several bowls that were broken.




But far and away the most favorite gift of the day was Mr. Rogue’s new massage chair. This man has been quietly nudging to get one for over two years. My reply has always been the same, they were too big, too expensive, too ugly and we simply just wouldn’t use it enough. However he really really really wanted it, so this year I decided to surprise him. Of course since I had to have the chair delivered on the 23rd he knew he was getting the chair, but I kept it covered until this morning. He wasn’t allowed to look at it, sit in it, or even read the manual until Christmas morning. This man is ONE happy man.


And then just like that Christmas morning was over, months of hard work, making hard Christmas present selections, the buying and the wrapping over in just a few hours. And the chaos left behind was magnificent to behold.


We spent the next few hours tidying up and putting together the presents that needed daddy’s help. We played for hours with the new toys and then it was naptime. After all company was coming soon.


My cousin Ms. Sweetie and her boyfriend, and Mr. Rogue’s brother Mr. Fruit, his wife and their two kids came over for Christmas dinner. We all exchanged gifts and everyone tried and fell in love with the massage chair. My Little Cricket was adorable and pulled out all his new toys to show his cousins and Ms. Sweetie.





Mr. Rogue was set to make a prime rib roast, something that neither of us have ever cooked. He went out a few days ago to get the meat and we all nervously waited for dinner hoping it would be as good as we anticipated. DANG, that cut of meat was superb. We didn’t do much to it, a few herbs and Mr. Rogue whipped up a little demi glaze wine sauce. It was simply the best meal we have ever made. A perfect end to a wonderful day.



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