Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Cousin Once Removed or Something Complicated Like That

A week ago I got a phone call from my cousin, or what I call my cousin. Technically her father and my mother are cousins. But since our families stayed close, since both my mother and her cousin got married around the same time and had children about the same age, and since we would go on camping trips together and grew up together I just call her my cousin. Why do we always have to label everything and make it complicated?

Anyways my cousin called and she had an unexpected business trip in LALA land, she would be here in five days, was it ok if she stayed. I was so excited to have her in town. She is probably my favorite of the four siblings and I was overjoyed to have her for a visit. We had lots of time to chat and catch up but even though she was only here for three days I wanted to show her a little of LA. One of my favorite places to take out of town guests is the Getty. It has gorgeous architecture, beautiful gardens to walk through; a sweeping view of the city and ocean, and best of all some really magnificent works of art.


I have probably been to the Getty about 100 times. I even used to make use of their free Friday art labs taught by instructors pre-baby. But Mr. Rogue has never been. I know GASP. So this visit he had the day off and joined us. I was so excited he was going to get to finally see this beautiful place. My cousins uncle also came with us. I have met him a few times before at family reunions, and he just recently moved to LALA land from Illinois.






Since it was early, and since the sun wasn’t too hot yet we decided to start in the gardens. The way the Getty gardens is designed is simply magical. I would love my future back yard to someday look something like this.





After the gardens we visited one of the five buildings of artwork. Generally when I got to the Getty this is the only building we manage to get through. Not everyone has the patience and love of art that I do. I could spend all day at the Getty. However an hour in the gardens and two hours in art exhibits and people are usually done. So I make sure to take them to my favorite building. There are some beautiful rooms full of old Victorian furniture, a few rooms dedicated to revolving artwork (this time they were featuring the Age of Rubens), and of course everyone’s favorite room dedicated to the Impressionists. They have some fabulous pieces; Van Gogh’s Irises, Portrait of Albert Cahen dAnvers by Renoir and so many more.





Before we left we ventured onto the back deck on the top floor where you can see sweeping views of LALA land. From the mountains of Hollywood, to downtown, all the way to the ocean. It is truly one of my favorite places to see LALA from afar. But by now we were tired and hungry. Time to go home and grill up some yummy steaks.



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