Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Day to be Oh So Grateful

This year the Fruit’s decided to host Thanksgiving. Although I missed the fact that I wasn’t throwing the holiday this year I also know I have to share, and well with me not feeling so well it really ended up being for the best. We woke up bright and early, had a quick breakfast for the kids and then headed over the Fruits house. We all wanted to be together for the holiday and we wanted to be sure to help make dinner too.



Mom and Mrs. Fruit had everything pretty organized and started already including the timeline so we all just helped with what we could. There was also lots of playing with the kids. We were all being goofy and having a riot. And although there is a large age difference in the children everyone had fun playing with their cousins. Of course the adults also enjoyed sitting around talking. We hung out outside for a while because the weather was so nice and then more inside once it got a little chilly.






My cousin and her boyfriend finally arrived. They first snuggled with the baby, no one can resist adorable baby snuggles.


But soon after they arrived the turkey was done and we all jumped in the kitchen to help. Once the turkey was out we added in the rest of the food that needed to cook. The turkey sat for a while to stabilize the juices, and then it was cut and our Thanksgiving buffet was complete. Time to dig in.





As we all sat around the table with our food, after prayer, Mr. Rogue and I announced our good news to the family. We are pregnant with baby number 2. Of course I teared up a little when I announced it and everyone was so happy for us.



Another baby is the most wonderful thing to be thankful for!



Although we were all so full dessert still had to be served. YUMMMMM we had apple pie with ice cream, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, a pumpkin cheesecake that I am now in love with and the delicious new pecan pie that was so super yummy. I couldn’t choose so I had a tiny slice of three… and Mr. Rogue followed my indecisive lead with three desserts too.





Nicole said...

Hi! I noticed you haven't posted for a while and I so look forward to following along your journey and enjoy your posts. I hope everything is ok and that things are going perfectly in the new year!!

paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like quite a feast! LOVE that chocolate pecan pie, my new favorite! I just made a fresh strawberry pie to enjoy with friends. MMM GOOD!

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