Saturday, November 22, 2014

We Have a Very Big, Little Surprise!!!!


Yup that’s right after four rounds of Clomid, a billion ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, topped off with months of frustration every month, we are finally pregnant.

I have been feeling off for days. I hadn’t really attributed the off-ness to being pregnant. I just couldn’t let myself have false hope like that. My off-ness was so bad that Thursday, while I was in my babygroup class, I lost it and ended up crying. At the end of the flood I even jokingly said to the class how I never cry, so maybe I was crying because I was pregnant.

Little did I know how that comment was so true, I was pregnant.

Every month for the past four months I have been taking the dreaded tests. I counted the days and took my Clomid pills. And then waited. I counted the days and then I took the ovulation tests for 10 days or so. And then I waited. I counted the days and then I started taking the pregnancy tests. All while taking my temperature every morning before I got out of bed. I started really resenting those pregnancy tests, every time it said the same thing… not pregnant.


Finally yesterday I woke up and got the results I have been praying in my heart for months. Ecstatic and overjoyed I hugged myself with glee, it is the best news I could have, baby number 2 is on the way folks.


Now I am just praying that everything goes well. That I carry this baby to term. That this baby is healthy. Managing this anxiety is going to be hard.

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