Saturday, November 22, 2014

Visiting the La Brea Tar Pits

I have been in LALA land now for 11 years and I have never gone to the La Brea Tar Pits. This is a much more terrible thing if you consider I used to work right across the street for 3 years. I have walked the park, once, but never been inside the museum. So when Mrs. Faith, my mother-in-law, asked if we could go it seemed like the perfect family outing. The day was gorgeous and sunny. We arrived in two separate cars from two separate houses, with none of us knowing where anything is it took a long while and some frustration to find each other. But finally we all arrived.


The actual tar pits are fenced off and they stink. Really they are just shallow depressions in the ground filled with water and oozing bubbling nasty smelling tar. But the coolest most amazing thing about the tar pits is that it’s the world’s most famous ice age fossil excavation site.




After getting our fill, of smell and sight, from the tar pits we headed into the museum. There were so many super cool things to see and experience. I cant wait until my Little Cricket gets a little older and can really understand what he is looking at because this stuff, this stuff is amazing! I had such a great time, mostly because I had so much help with my Little Cricket that I could actually enjoy some of the museum instead of run after my son. It was so lovely that family stepped in to help, and my Little Cricket’s older cousins just adored him.







My favorite part of the tar pit museum was the open glass working zone. Scientists and volunteers were working on actual prehistoric bones pulled out of the tar pits. They were scraping and sorting and polishing. Each person had a little dry erase board of what they were doing. I wanted to go in and help. It looked like so much fun.



I cannot believe how large these animals were. My Little Cricket ran right up to the exhibit of a skeleton of a Mammoth and it took my breath away. If we lived in the prehistoric era how was I supposed to protect my baby from that. Mind = blown.



As an added bonus they had a small little play area for kids by the line for the show. We had tickets for the show, so while the family waited in line my Little Cricket got to play.


We saw the show which was actually pretty good and thankfully short. Trying to keep a wiggly toddler still, even for a show, is super hard. Afterward we walked the short distance to Marie Calendars for a little food and some pie. I got the coconut pie and a salad. I figured the two balanced each other out right. YUM.

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