Monday, September 29, 2014

Tip Toe Through the Mums

Its amazing how many friends that I have moved away from since becoming a new mom. My lifestyle has so drastically changed that the things I used to like to do before becoming a mom don’t really work anymore… at least for now. The benefit however is that the people that I really love, I have become even closer too. My cousin Ms. Sweetie for example has been going out with us on fun trips often.


Today it was so beautiful and sunny out that we knew we wanted to do something outside. So we choose the Huntington Gardens. First it was outside, second it was free (I have a membership) and third we could get some exercise in (this place is gigantic and requires a ton of walking). Of course both of us have already been before but the gardens offers so many wonderful surprises based on the season and the temperatures. The roses for instance weren't in bloom last time Ms. Sweetie was here, and this time they were in their glorious full blooming magnificence.






The last time I came to the gardens my Little Cricket wasn't quite walking. This time however he is a lean mean running machine. So I was finally able to take him into the children's garden to play. We spent a good two hours in there and the place is awesome. Plants are a little hardier and everything is really low to the ground for little explorers to dive into. Best of all there are tons of water features and my Little Cricket had a blast getting wet. Although he did get a little scared by the mist room all in all it was super fun to watch him get his hands dirty.










After letting my Little Cricket run for a long time we were able to strap him happily into his stroller and away we went. We didn't have much time just an hour and a half so we power walked it through the rest of the gardens. We made it through the entire park just at closing time but my calves were burning by the time we got back to the car.




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