Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tick Tock, Time is Running Out

Today was a horribly long day of waiting. I woke up and waited, I put my Little Cricket down for a nap and waited. You see I had a flight at 4:00 to leave for Pittsburgh, so most of my day I sat around, already packed, watching the clock and waiting to call the cab. Finally the time arrived, I called the cab, got my son and all our stuff out on the driveway and then waited some more. We had plenty of time. I wasn't worried. My Little Cricket and I wandered up the street, we looked at the flowers, and we waited some more. After a half hour I got anxious and I started calling the cab company. They were on their way the operator said, traffic was bad they said again. 55 minutes after I made my original call the cab finally arrived at my house.




I knew I was screwed. We raced to the airport anyways, hoping against hope that we would make it there in time. Apparently Obama was in town today, and the entire 405 as well as the airport was completely hosed. I got the airport 40 minutes before my flight, and sadly 10 minutes past the cutoff for me to try and make it to my gate. With tears in my eyes I went to go re-book my flight. They had nothing that could get me to Pittsburgh that day. In fact my only real option was to take the same flight the very next day. I was booked as a standby so I wouldn't have to pay for a change flight fee, but at least there was plenty of room on the flight.

I was super depressed because I just lost a precious 24 hours with my bestie. I did the only sensible thing I could do. I went home. Fed my son. Put him to bed and then proceeded to eat a whole pizza and drink a whole bottle of very nice red wine.

The hangover traveling the next day was LESS than ideal. But at least Mr. Rogue was able to drive us. We made it to the airport with plenty of time. And we finally made it to Pittsburgh, very late, but very safe and sound.







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