Friday, November 14, 2014

The Week in Moments: A Year and a Half (18 Months, 77 Weeks)

You can now say thank you which is super adorable. I am thrilled that this is one of the first words you are saying, thank you, its awesome. You are getting so many words in your little vocabulary. I wish you were speaking more but I get so excited with each and every new word. For now you are saying consistently and clearly in the right context:

- thank you
- dada, daddy
- mama
- uh-oh
- no, no, no (usually in three’s)
- baby
- down
- hi, hello
- bye bye
- more
- ball





You are getting more and more interested in coloring books and stickers at the restaurants we go out too. I am getting excited too now that you are taking an interest in art. It’s time to really start gearing up on the art supplies at the house. I have plenty of adult art supplies but not much other than a few coloring books and crayons for kids. Therefore I decided that for some of your Christmas gifts will be new art supplies. Yay let the crafts begin!


If we don’t have plans with friends we usually go to a park or a play place every single day. You have so much energy and you just need to be outside to run it out. I want to introduce some classes soon but I love our transient no plans way of life right now. That coupled with the fact that I prefer you to have a ton of exploratory play rather than structured learning. We tried Gymboree but the regiment just wasn’t for us.





This week we met your friend Little Ms. C at the park. You both spent a ton of time on the slides and the swings and then we headed over to the field. Her mom is a PE teacher so she brought some balls and you kids had so much fun playing with them, carrying them and trying to eat them. After several attempts you even managed to kick the ball a little for the very first time.





One of our favorite parks in the area has a little airport right next to it. In fact there are several benches where you can sit and get a prime view of little airplanes taking off into the sky. Every time we are here we sit there for a good 20 minutes, either on the bench or by the fence to watch the airplanes fly. It is loud but you love it.


It was a not so nice day out one day so we headed to the mall so you could play for a while at the indoor jungle gym. One of the malls has a tank as one of the walls of the play place. I was showing you the different fish, most of which were in Finding Nemo. Even though you had no idea what I was talking about I started describing each fish and their personality in the movie. Soon we had a whole little group of kids telling you who was who.


While we were at the mall I had your feet measured. I wasn’t sure when it was time to move you up to the next shoe size, and since you cannot tell me when your shoes are pinching I get your feet measured pretty regularly. Imagine my surprise when you jumped up a whole shoe size. I was so incredulous that I had him measure you again. Yup you are now a 5.5, its time to store all your 4.5 and 5s. You grow out of things too fast, I want time to slow down.



This week the temperatures dropped. I have a bunch of clothes for you in the 18-27 month size but those are still a little big on you. So while I was at the mall I had to grab a few new warm shirts and a few pair of fleece footed jammies. Your room unfortunately is the coldest room in the house. And although we have the heat on it gets a little chilly. As well as your new warmer jammies Mr. Rogue and I have finally relented and introduced a blanket in your crib. I have been terrified of SIDS so there was no question of you having a blanket last winter for me; I just dressed you in double jammies. But now that it is colder, and you are older, its time I felt for you to have a blanket. You love your blue blankie grandma & grandpa Faith gave you so that is what we started with. So far you love the blanket and although by morning the blanket is never covering you anymore you start out the first part of the night with it and usually wake up cuddled up with it.



Every week you figure out new things and you become more independent. You are eating almost everything on your own now which frees me up to do so much more, like feed myself. You will also wash your own hands now after you eat. I hand you a wipe and you pass it from hand to hand sort of wiping them down. Although I wash them after you do, since you miss most of the mess, I love the fact that you are figuring things out.


You learned where your belly button is last week and this week you know can point to your head and your nose. The only problem is that instead of pointing to your nose you like to put your finger up your nose. I just cannot help but laugh which I am sure just encourages you more. You are so much fun, you make me laugh all the time, weather we are playing peek a boo with my curtains or if you are just being goofy I just love being a mom so much. You are my everything Little Cricket.





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