Friday, November 21, 2014

The Week in Moments: 78 Weeks Old

We have been having so much fun with grandma all week long. Now that she is retired she has lots of free time and we were thrilled that she flew in early, before the rest of the family, and the thanksgiving holiday craziness begins. Grandma read you books, and played games with you, put you to bed, gave baths and changed a million diapers. She gave me a wonderful much needed break. You had so much fun with your grandma and I cannot wait until we live closer and you can see her weekly.







This week has been busy. We ran around to Mrs. Fruits numerous times, a million errands, the mall and the park. You did so great with all the added activity and people. I am still waiting for the separation anxiety to hit but it hasn’t yet. I am still waiting for the massive temper tantrums and crying to start but it hasn’t yet. You love people so much that you will often go up to random strangers just to say hi and sometimes you try to snuggle into their laps. It’s adorable and most people adore the attention from you but I find it a little scary too. I don’t want to teach you fear of people, to the point where you are afraid to say hi to anyone but I do want to teach you boundaries. You just love everyone.



You love love love peek-a-boo. You play it in the curtains, you play it behind blankets and this week you finally got it that you can play peek-a-boo behind your hands. You are just so stinking cute.


Over the past months I kept pulling out a little turtle scooter that you got for your birthday. But every time I brought it out it was still a little too big for you to scoot with. Finally this week you were tall enough to go on your own. Man do you love it, you have been scooting yourself around all week. Sometimes with only one foot, this results in you spinning, which we all giggle about.


You talk, so much, it’s just mostly I cannot understand what you are saying yet. I love your baby babble, and often I talk with you like we are really having a conversation. We read together often but a good majority of the time now you want to read to me. I am totally cool with this mostly because I cannot keep the smile off my face as you try to explain in your own way what is going on. It’s hard for me to get you on camera, you either want the camera or the phone when I am recording a video. I have been trying to sneak a video of you reading and finally did after about a million tries.

you love to do everything that daddy does – including climbing into the attic to get a few things – you are obsessed with the coffee machine. Mr. Rogue makes his coffee every morning and he lets you push the buttons. I think he is trying to prematurely influence you to like coffee, because daddy’s entire family is appalled I don’t like nor do I drink coffee.





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paul peggy zeus said...

I love the videos! They're the best. And look at him go up the ladder after daddy! LOL

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