Friday, November 7, 2014

The Week in Moments: 76 Weeks Old

I have been feeling like poo all week. I am on my fourth round of Clomid, normally the side effects are tolerable, this time for some reason those hormones dropped me to my knees. So because of my quazi incapacitation it has resulted in us taking it easy this week. On day four of staying at home we went to the mall, and target to get you some new toys. I felt bad for needing to lay down so much and I needed something that would keep you happy and entertained. We got you a laptop by leap frog. When we were in Pittsburgh you loved it. So I thought 20 min a day wouldn’t kill you and it allows me to lay down and later I am sure it will help me to get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded. And then I brought out the little suction cup toys I got a few months ago and showed you how to stick them onto the glass door. The new toys worked like a charm. And as a double bonus while at the mall we also discovered a new play kids area. You got to run off a little steam before we had to go.







We also took a ton of baths this week. If you started getting a little antsy we would simply go upstairs and fill up the tub. You LOVE your baths and you were happy for the next half hour. It was all about keeping it simple this week.


Up until this week I have been completely amazed at how our cat, Seurat, loves you. He is constantly found laying next to you, or near you, and he has tolerated way more than I ever thought he would from a baby. Seurat is a rescue cat, and a little finicky, scared and temperamental. But you both have been doing BEAUTIFULLY together. That is until this week when as soon as Seurat enters the room you start SCREACHING at the top of your lungs. Your dad and I have tried to get you to stop but you are determined to get that kitty. We now started calling you ‘Cat Herding Cami’.

I plan on homeschooling, so I have been slowly trying to incorporate more slightly structured learning activities. One of the things I have been doing is a spice workshop, a term coined by Mrs. Pool Shark, who did them with her daughter when she was young. It’s so cool that she was photographed for National Geographic for her spice workshop and it will be coming out this January!! Anyways we have been smelling spices and while doing that I had been filling the ones that were getting low. When the cinnamon container was empty you wanted it so I thought sure, its sealed, and empty, he couldn’t possibly open it anyways. I was wrong. He made SUCH a mess… at least he smelled good.


You are still climbing like crazy. It totally makes me scared of you falling all the time, and I am constantly running behind you to rescue you from situations you get stuck in. But I can see you improving. You are now tall enough to throw your leg over your crib… it’s only a matter of time before you learn that you can climb out. I am dreading that day!





While we were at the store this week I saw something for Mrs. Dancer that I knew she would love. A little tank-top that says ‘I don’t sweat, I sparkle.’ Which is a similar phrase she used to say forever ago ‘I don’t sweat I glisten'.


Even super sick I still love being a mom. Sure it’s exhausting but you bring a smile to my face all the time. I love your antics, and your curiosity and your ability to come up and pat my face, as if to comfort me and saying mama.



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paul peggy zeus said...

How adorable he is! I love the smell of cinnamon too! I'm sure it will enhance his pallet. What a glorious post, so many cut shots.

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