Friday, October 31, 2014

The Week in Moments: 75 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

Today is Halloween and I am super duper sick and therefore super duper bummed. Since your daddy has to work late I had no choice but to cancel our little trick or treating with your friends in Santa Monica. We went last year and it was so much fun, I was really looking forward to going again but it was totally not going to happen. Thankfully for you it didn’t really matter, today was just another day of fun, you even got a treat… I was so sick I turned on the tv for you for the very first time. Win/win there. You watched Curious Georges Halloween Special and I think it was the most magical moment of your life. Between TV and pouches with goldfish for dinner on top of missing trick or treating and not even having candy in the house to pass out to the trick or treaters in our neighborhood (because I thought we were going to be out) I think I win the mommy of the year award.


My only consolation was that you could have totally cared less, at least I wasn’t disappointing a six year old who would have been totally into Halloween. At least I managed to get photos of you in your costume yesterday before I started feeling sick. You were the most adorable little vampire ever. Mr. Rogue wasn’t as excited about the costume. He doesn’t understand what the white is around your face, I think its hair… yeah we are going with hair. You looked adorable with your little fangs regardless.







You have been sleeping so much this week. Like seriously way more than you normally do. Instead of your usual two hour naps you are taking three and sometimes three and a half hour naps. And instead of sleeping 11-12 hours at night you are now sleeping thirteen. I am attributing it to a growth spurt, but it is totally freaking me out. I had to go in multiple times just to make sure you were still breathing.


I went to go put a dish in the kitchen sink only to find my husband’s shoes. I turned around and told Mr. Rogue that the sink was no place for his shoes, it was gross and dirty and totally unsanitary. If he wanted me to wash his shoes I would do it outside in a bucket. He looked at me like I was crazy, which in that moment I guess I was, turns out I was scolding the wrong boy in the house. My Little Cricket apparently now can reach the sink and throw things in. The shoes were only one thing in there; I didn’t even notice the stethoscope until I took out the shoes. SIGH.


Mr. Rogue has been working a ton which has been super hard on me. Unfortunately his workload isnt going to let up for a while. His work is a cyclical cycle, I knew he was going to start working long hours. I knew it would be hard, I just didn’t know it would be this hard. He is trying to see you as much as he can, which is the main reason we moved so close to his work, and most days he is getting at least an hour or two with you. Of course the weekends he sees you much more. Our favorite thing is taking you to the park where we can all get a little exercise outside.





We went to a Halloween party at the Fruits house and you were loving hanging out with the older kids. They were playing a video game at one point and you were enraptured. They were nice enough to even give you a try at the video game. Not that we are going to let you play a ton of video games but in that moment daddy and I were so proud.


We are still being super strict with screens. We don’t watch tv when you are in the room. We don’t watch movies or play video games. Instead we listen to music, we have dance parties and we play. It is so important for you to explore and have fun. There will be plenty of years of mind numbing ahead of you.



I have been working on you with your body parts. During every diaper change we run through a few. So far you know where belly button is consistently the rest we are still working on. You are totally obsessed with your belly button now. When I ask you where your belly button is you will lift up your shirt and point to it.


I am so lucky and thankful that you are such an amazing little boy. You did start showing signs this week of frustration and tantrums. You started waving your hands and stomping your feet in irritation. But for the most part you are stinking awesome. You are amazing in your car seat, you eat well, you sleep well, you tolerate the stroller for long periods of time but most importantly you make me smile a million times a day.





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paul peggy zeus said...

He's got some pretty big shoes to fill, lol. I laughed out loud about the shoes in the sink. First in the garbage, now the sink. Maybe he had a secret shoe fettish.

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