Friday, October 24, 2014

The Week in Moments: 74 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

Toddlers do the damnist things… or so they all say. For the most part you are an awesome little kid. You are so good, and mellow, and chill and just plain cool. But you are definitely a toddler, and you are pushing your limits and making me cringe with your dare-devilshness. This week I took you out of your highchair, I turned my back for one second to wipe off your tray in the sink and when I turned back around you were STANDING ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER. It took me more than a moment to comprehend exactly what I was seeing, and then I freaked out. Apparently you now know how to not only climb up the highchair but also get on the counter. I spent several days banging my head against the walls and trying to keep you off the high chair, but you just kept trying to climb. Finally to limit the amount of no’s I was throwing around I finally just put the high chair on its side. Sure you still climbed on it but at least now it isn’t high enough for you to get into major trouble. It is now your jungle gym, a great new toy that you have spent a good half hour playing with every single day this week.



Of course that isn’t the only thing you are climbing. Since I took the high chair down you are now attempting to climb up onto the two bar stools we have at the kitchen counter. Although you aren’t getting very high off the ground I still worry. I realize however that I cannot protect you from everything. As well as the bar stools you can now get into the toy cubbies, more clearly you can get into the second shelf. Its totally adorable, seeing you try to contort your little body into that small space, and you are SO PROUD of yourself.




Lastly you started crawling up the stairs all your own this week. I developed tennis elbow in my arm from carrying you so much. However now that you are walking and climbing the stairs now too my arm is feeling worlds better. I am hoping in the next couple weeks that it improves even more. It’s so awesome to see you grow up so big and strong, doing big boy things.


So you are doing the wild stuff like climbing, but nothing quite compared to your failed Houdini attempt. You have wanted a way to get past the baby gate for a while now. You test the limits when I open the gate by trying to dash out. You try climbing the gate, but you don’t get very far. I was flipping laundry when I heard your panic cry. I ran through the hall to get to the family room where I had left you and I found you halfway THROUGH the baby gate. Somehow you managed to squeeze your body through the gate; your head however wouldn’t quite fit through the bars. Because I was alone and because you were so panicked it took me a good fifteen minutes to maneuver you and get your body back through the gate. I thought for sure you had learned your lesson, but of course you had to try again… at least for your second attempt daddy was there to help me get you back through.


We have been taking a ton of walks. You love getting out of the house and exploring the neighborhood. This week however you no longer have any interest in holding my hand. You want to go, you want to go in the direction you want to go in, and you do not want to listen to me at all. AWESOME. So I try to get you to follow me in a general kind of way, which most of the time you do, and I try to hold your hand sometimes, which you occasionally deal with. Of course you gave me a heart attack once when you just dashed off into the street, giggling with glee all the while. I now understand the concept of a child leash.



Your daddy and I love you so much. We have been tag teaming on the weekends where both of us get a little time alone. And that way daddy gets a little time alone with just you and him. He almost always gives you your baths on the weekends, and I can hear you both laughing. It fills my heart with joy that you and your daddy are having fun together. You continue to be a great eater. You love vegetables, they are always the first to be eaten off your tray. You still refuse to eat meat though. In your explorations we have finally used the word no so many times that it is your new favorite word. You will shake your head and say ‘no, no, no’ over and over again. Totally adorable.




This week you fell. It was a bad one right on your nose and for a moment there I thought that you had broken your nose. It ended up just being really badly bruised. Its swollen and all black and blue. My poor Little Cricket, it breaks my heart.



Mr. Rogue and I often sit around on a weekend morning and just play with you. One morning you were driving around with your walker. You were racing and crashing into things and tripping over the wheels. Ahhh the simple joy you bring to our lives.

I have been trying to come up with a few gifts for you for Christmas presents. I knew I didn’t want to get a ton of toys, instead I wanted things that would broaden your horizons. Of course you love books so a few new ones will be on the list but you are also at the perfect age to start doing crafts. Which I am totally excited about. Since daddy and I are both artists we decided to get you an easel. And of course with an easel you will need paints so we headed to Micheal’s to pick some up. Of course the first rule when painting I will have to teach you will be to not drink the paint. While we were there I also picked up a bunch of the miniature animals. You already have a few that you love. And I love the idea of a toy like this. It will grow with you, they teach you about animals and their sounds and body parts and also as you gets older you can make so many make-believe stories up about your animal menagerie.




Love you Cricket,

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