Friday, October 10, 2014

The Week in Moments: 72 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

You have been a hot mess this week, and of course it stared on my birthday. I can see that you have your two bottom teeth starting to come through but when I looked today I realize that not only are you getting two bottom teeth in, you are also getting two of your top molars in. Sheesh kid, no wonder you have been extra fussy and drooly.


Almost nightly your dad and I debate going in to bring you into bed with us. We don’t co-sleep, and other than a few times while traveling you always sleep in your own crib just fine. But even though we know if we get you and tried to get you to sleep with us you wont.. we have tried it. You take coming into bed with us as play time. So even though we always talk about trying it again, we almost always just leave you sleeping perfectly happy in your own bed. Besides you aren't much of a snuggler, you are more of a head buter. Anyways we like to bring you into bed with us in the mornings on the weekend. Often we will hand you the baby monitor or a book so we can snuggle with you for a few minutes before beginning our day. Those are some of my favorite moments.



I have been secretly cheering to myself that we didn't have a climber. Other than the baby gate, which you put your feet up on occasionally, you haven’t really tried to climb much. I hear about other kids your age driving their mothers crazy with the climbing and I thought we had miraculously just missed that boat. Sure you will occasionally climb on the couch or one of our chairs to hang out with us or to read a book but it isn't like you are trying to dive off the back of it like a jungle gym set. But sure enough this week you started really climbing, in particular you love flipping over your block activity set and sitting on it like a chair. I now have to worry about climbing hazards.




As well as getting more exploratory with your environment you are also getting a ton more flexible and adventurous with your food. Its great, I know you need to explore, I just wish you didn't have to do it all over my house. You like to throw the food off your tray and watch it plop. You like to eat with your hands and squish your food together into mush. I have a rule where food and drink can only be served in your high chair, but slowly those rules started to relax. In an effort this week to get you to snack more and drink more milk I allowed you a few times to take your food into the family room. I regretted breaking my own rule when I found you in a puddle of milk you had managed to get out of your un-spillable cup. Sigh toddlers are tenacious. Not only did I have that big milk mess to clean up, but you also insisted on climbing up the stairs, which you just started doing this week, leaving a long milk train all the way up the staircase. SIGH.





You are a little dare devil, nothing scares you. I vacillate between being incredibly proud that you are so secure in yourself and your surroundings that you are taking hard things on without a blink, and in the next second I am terrified that you are seriously going to harm yourself. I have to have my eyes on you every single second. Its exhausting. For instance this week we went to skirball with another mom and her little girl. Both of you are about the same age and while she was tentative and hesitant about being in a new space with new challenges (like the rickety bridge) you just blew through them without a problem. Sure you still try to eat everything while you are doing said feats, like trying to knaw on the rope sides, but seriously you show no fear.


With you walking so much more we are using the stroller less often. Of course I am getting more of a workout than ever because I find myself now running after you, all the time. You don’t really want to hold my hand so until you get a better grasp on what you can actually try and what you cannot, and because you totally do not listen to me at all yet, I am left dashing after you, your invisible protective shadow. Being a kid is a dangerous combination of fearlessness and naivety.



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