Friday, October 3, 2014

The Week in Moments: 71 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

You are getting so big, you are learning so fast, and you are so much fun. I love seeing the world through your eyes, showing you all the amazing things that make me happy and hearing your little baby squeals of glee. This week you started saying daddy now. Your dad is obviously estatic. You are also saying down, and when you say down you mean down, up and off. You have been saying it all week. You will tottle over to me, lift up your arms and say down. Its super adorable. You talk so much, mostly baby babble that I cannot understand, but I love it anyways.







You have been a happy miserable mess this week. Teething is no joke. You go from your normal happy laughing self to a whining crying mess in a matter of seconds. Your mood swings are totally throwing us off our normal schedule. You are sleeping more and wanting extra snuggles. Your other front tooth broke through your gums this week. Which now means you have your four front teeth, your little vampire fangs from a few months ago and two partially grown in front teeth. We are still waiting for any teeth at the bottom to poke through.




When I am not trying to figure out what the heck you are trying to say to me I am trying to figure out your non-verbal cues. For instance this week you are now taking your bib off, or attempting to take it off, when you are full and finished eating. If I don’t notice the bib tugging you go swiping the food all over the floor. Something that makes my blood just boil. So I am trying every hard not to miss that first bib tug.




I am so super overjoyed that you are now officially walking. That you like to walk, that you want to walk everywhere. It is such a joy to see you become more independent. Plus there is the added bonus that I am not carrying you as much anymore, my tennis elbow and back are feeling SO MUCH better. Your daddy and I have been playing chase with you. You love to be chased and tickled. It isnt the best video in the world but I wanted to capture a little bit of the chase, and as an extra thrown in, your mauling of the cat.


Last week you learned how to open our doors. So now doors are your favorite thing to play with, not the 100’s of toys you have but the door. I had to special order some door locks you can’t get out of when I need to keep you contained and safe. I love them because they leave the door cracked so I can still hear you when you need me.



I realized this week I was being a little too OCD by trying to keep your books nice and beautiful. Normally I would take out several books out a few times a day so we could look at them and play with them together. But by doing that I was limiting you to exploring books on your own. Since I really want you to love books as much as I do I decided I had to let go my need to keep your books pretty and perfect. So I put a giant stack of books in the family room and I am attempting to show you how to be gentle with them. On the plus side you are pulling your books out all the time. On the down side its only week one and you have ripped several of them bad.






With learning to walk, and getting more confident with walking there have been several bumps along the way. This week you got a big fat lip. I guess you learned that looking at your belly button and trying to walk at the same time is difficult and problematic.





You have a vendetta against your socks now and I am not really sure how I am going to keep your feet warm this winter unless I buy you all footed pants. When we are out you will keep your socks and shoes on for the most part, its just when you are home that you take to ripping them off the first second you get. Whats super adorable is that you will keep trying to put them on after you have taken them off. And you also love trying to put on your own shoes or daddy or my shoes.




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