Friday, September 26, 2014

The Week in Moments: 70 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

We had company this week staying at our house and there was a little 3 year old boy that you chased after and copied everything he did. Having him around allowed you to grow so much. You learned to turn the keys and bang on spoons and measuring cups to music and share your toys. It was such a wonderful, and to be honest sometimes scary insight into what it will be like to have two kids. It wasn’t all moonbeams and roses and I was on top of both of you most of the time to prevent you from getting hurt.






This week we reached a huge plus for me and for you. I have been trying to get you to eat healthy food on the go without us having to stop every hour so you can eat properly. This wee I managed to successfully hand you a small container full of edamame and you can ate it mostly without spilling it all over the place. Sure a few random pieces fell out but for the most part you did great. I was so happy. It’s the little things in life!


To burn off a little steam we took you to the park a few times. You swung on the baby swing for the first time and loved it. Mr. Rogue kept pushing you and you kept laughing. AHhh it was the cutest thing ever. You also attempted to climb the slide which didn't go very well. Because of all the practice at home with the stairs you can now manage the stairs up the play ground equipment without help from me. You still need a little help with the slide. I have been working on getting you to sit before you attempt to launch yourself down the slide. Between the slide guidance I am also on high alert for other kids that could potentially hurt you without meaning too and of the large gaping holes that you don’t know to stay away from yet. Some of those holes are four feet off the ground, they terrify me.






With you walking and crawling everywhere, your exploring and cleaning and making messes you are getting so dirty everyday. We were taking baths every other day but daily baths are now becoming our new normal. The fact that you love the bath and think it’s a fun activity makes it so much easier to get you clean. You do great with me holding our head and rinsing your hair. And you love to blow bubbles in the water.


You are such a little mimic. Not only do you want to do what Baby B was doing all week but you also want to do EVERYTHING your daddy and I are doing. You are trying on my shoes, you are attempting to put on your socks, you are trying to clean (which I am secretly loving), nothing we do is too small and now we have to be VERY careful what we do and say around you. Mr. Rogue was grooming our dog and pulling out some shedding hair and the next thing we knew you were pulling his hair, way too hard, too.



Now that you are walking well, and now that things are slowing down around here, I have started taking you on daily exploratory walks in the neighborhood. We don’t have an agenda, we don’t have a distance we are trying to walk or a pace. Instead I am allowing you, within reason to dictate where we go and how fast we get there. Although it is scary that you don’t listen and you like to run away from me, I have to keep you close and run right behind you. I guess I am getting my workout in after all. We are going to have to work on how dangerous the street is.


Lately we are working on animal sounds, colors and shapes. You talk all the time in your baby gibberish and I talk right back at you pausing so you can ‘answer’ me. We have full conversations about what we are doing and anything I can think about to talk about. Even though you aren't making a ton of sense when you speak yet we do a little work time everyday in our play to help you learn more. You are mimicking the sounds I make and are at least getting the cadence and rhythm down. You are even attempting to mimic some of the animal sounds. Your favorite is the Lion.




You are now such a little monkey. It is all I can do to keep you contained and safe sometimes. You love to flip around in the grocery cart. You want to get into all the goodies. And anything you can climb on or in is now an item you have to cross off your to do list. When we left for home you couldn't climb on the couch yourself, now you can





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