Friday, October 17, 2014

The Week in Moments: 17 Months Old (73 Weeks)

This week we got to fly to Pittsburgh and spend a time with one of my all-time favorite people. You never really know how kids are going to react with each other and with a two year age difference I was a little worried. But you both did great, sure you got into her stuff a little more than she wanted, and sure at times you both needed a little space, but in general you were awesome with each other. She had so many toys that you just LOVED and I got so many ideas for Christmas. In particular you loved her little Leapfrog laptop. And you also loved the daily tv shows we let you watch. I had to chuckle though at your fascination with her tiaras. AHHH my little princess boy.





You know what is awesome about visiting someone with a slightly older child, they still have all their gear but they aren’t using it anymore. We used their pack in play, high chair and car seat. That along with all the toys left me with much less I had to lug out there or rent. It was so awesome. Plus we got to be with another mama, one who was able to anticipate what my Little Cricket needed and also one who gave him his most favorite new toy; a floating bath light that slowly shimmers into different colors. As my little boy is fascinated with lights he of course LOVES it!








I spent most of this trip chasing you around making sure you didn’t jump off a cliff. Seriously you are at an age where you don’t listen, you are mobile enough to move fast, and you have no idea of any kind of danger. You are so curious about everything and you loved the pretty leaves all over the ground. In order to keep you safe I ran after you and you managed to survive. On the plus side I am getting in a great workout every day. Ms. Pool Shark even commented that she forgot how much you are hustling at this age. With her almost four year old she got to quietly sit a few times, once even with her Starbucks and I stared enviously at her. This too though shall pass. You did have one major fall where you totally smashed your face into the cement leaving a big burn on your forehead. My poor Little Cricket.




You loved the park we visited so much. Everything here is new and different but you didn’t have but a moment of hesitation. I even got a few videos of you playing with some of the equipment there to send to daddy. And you were SUCH a big boy, you slid down the slide all by yourself, after a little bit of coaxing. Ahhhh my Little Cricket, you are such a joy.

I did have a mini freak-out moment with you this week. While brushing your teeth I found a little sore on your gum. It looked like a big blister but it was black inside. After showing Ms. Pool Shark and us both quickly searching the net we found out that it was normal, simply another molar coming through. You now have your top front four teeth, one bottom tooth peeking through, a molar peeking through and now this other molar trying to come out. I am sure your teeth are hurting you. Your fingers are constantly in your mouth and you want your binkie all the time. At least it hasn’t affected your appetite, in fact I you are eating way more food than normal. Maybe another growth spurt.



You are such a light my Little Cricket, such an absolute joy. You sleep well, you eat well, you don’t throw too many temper tantrums and you are so patient for a little boy. I am so thankful that you are so awesome; it has allowed us to travel to so many places and allowed us to spend time with the people we love.



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