Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Fruits Halloween Bash

I didn’t have any plans for Halloween a month ago when I decided on our costumes and started making mine. I was however pretty sure there would be plenty of things going on, and putting together a costume last minute is so not my style. So a week ago when we got the invitation from Mr. Rogue’s brother for a little Halloween party we were thrilled. Not only was it a week before Halloween, our first adventure out in costume, Mr. Rogue didn’t have to work so he could come too. A treat since he often works and cannot make it out for events.

Being a mom I still haven’t been able to quite manage how to get myself and my Little Cricket ready for an event in an on time fashion. I threw all of our costumes in the car, we all got in the car on time, but I ended up trying to do my makeup on the way there… in the car… and no I wasn’t driving. I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out. Painting a face white is super difficult to get to look right. This was the first time I was seeing the whole costume with the face paint put together. It turned out AWESOME. And I have to say my husband as Obi wan Kenobi looked kick butt, and of course my Little Cricket as an ewok was totally adorable.



They have had this party a few years running so we know quite a few people that attend. Everyone was dressed in costume and it was so much fun to see what everyone went as. My favorite was my cousin, Ms. Sweetie and her boyfriend. They went as Bob Ross and a happy tree. Our grandmother used to love Bob Ross. And I just couldn’t get over her adorable squirrel.




Of course once everyone said hello and the alcohol started flowing (I had to pass because we are still trying to get pregnant and I am trying to be good) the attachments to our costumes started finding their way to the abandoned table. My mask, my husband’s light saber, Bob Ross’s wig and paint pallet all got shucked off.



I was super geeked that not only were my Little Crickets two cousins at the party but also a bunch of other little kids. My Little Cricket had such a great time, he was young but he played really well with all the other kids. He particularly loved the movie that was playing for them and the ipads (which two of the kids had out).



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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow! that doesn't look like my daughter at all! Amazing transformation. Loved Mrs. Fruits makeup too!

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