Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Skirball, Noah’s Arc

I have been hearing fantastic things about Skirball and their Noah’s Arc themed kids room. I just had to go and put it on my growing ‘Things to do in LALA land with a kid’ list. Last week one of my mom group friends wanted to do something fun and Skirball immediately popped up. We made plans to go today. I was so excited.


The exhibit was so cool, if a little hard to find, but we finally made it and my Little Cricket had a blast. There were a ton of rooms all with little interactive pieces the kids could play with. Each room had a theme. The front room was art animals made from recycled trash. The second room was the weather room where kids could play with and learn about the cause and effect of rain and thunder.


The third room was the arc. It had a grand entrance with camels my Little Cricket loved. As well as a ton of stuffed animals and puppets. And best of all a miniature version of the Noah's Arc with plastic animals to play with.



The fourth room was a really cool maze of ropes and ladders. The kids could crawl up the the ceiling and throw a maze of rope bridges and ladders. Of course our kids were a little too small for this by themselves, which left us moms crawling all around after them… I am getting too old for this.



And the last room was a classroom setting. There were little chairs and tables to color and draw. There were musical instruments scattered around to play with. And there were books everywhere with nice comfy chairs. Of course my kid had to be the one who kept climbing on the tables. SIGH. And then we got bombarded by a giant group of school kids. I turned my back for a second and lost my Little Cricket. He had toddled to the front of the class and was playing drums for everyone. They just loved him. Yup, proof that the genes didn't stray too far. That’s my kid!





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