Thursday, October 9, 2014

San Diego Zoo with Visiting Extended Family

Mr. Rogue’s uncle and aunt were on our side of the coast for one day only. They were leaving for a Panama cruise the next day. When I found out that they were going to be so close (San Diego) I offered to drive down to see them. Sadly Mr. Rogue had to work (of course, sigh). So it was just me and my Little Cricket. I have never taken my son on such a long car ride, I wasn't sure how he would do and admittedly I was a little nervous. However I am game to try anything once, and if it was horrible I could always pull over for a while at a park to give him a break. So this morning I woke my Little Cricket up early, fed him and played chase with him until we were both exhausted and full of giggles. My strategy worked and he ended up falling asleep for an hour and a half of the two and a half hour drive, which was perfect.

I arrived at the zoo with a happy baby and although we were a tiny bit late we found the aunt and uncle quickly. Mr. Rogue’s aunt also has a cousin in the area who joined us with her husband so the six of us spent the day wandering around. I had only met the aunt and uncle twice before, so it was lovely to really spend some time with them. They also have a granddaughter only two weeks older than my Little Cricket who they spend a bunch of time with so they were both super helpful giving me a break which was really nice.




I was particularly excited to talk more to Mr. Rogue’s uncle. His hobby is researching and maintaining the family tree. And I had arranged earlier to have him bring the tree with him so I could have it as well. Although I haven’t dabbled in creating a family tree, nor do I need another project right now, I do think that it would be something interesting to get into in the future.


I of course love love love the zoo, and although the LALA land zoo is great the San Diego zoo is awesome. I didn't take too many photos this time, because I was trying to really focus on hanging out with my son and our relatives but I couldn't resist taking the camera out to snap a few of the cooler animals I don’t see as often. My Little Cricket also loved the little petting zoo in the kids part of the zoo. He fell in love with one little fat goat in particular and was so happy to be petting them. In fact he loved a bunch of the animals and is getting really engaged with some of them.






My Little Cricket and I ended up staying at the zoo for six hours and the relatives were amazed at how well he did the entire day. We were all tired and decided to call it a day around 4:00, I had a long drive back home and we had already walked 4 miles. Best part, my Little Cricket slept the whole way home. I had to modify his bedtime to much later than normal but I will take that as a win!


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