Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pittsburgh: Day 5 – Time to Celebrate my Old City

We started off the day with Ms. Pool Sharks little girls Kindermusic class. I was excited to go, but on the way my Little Cricket fell asleep. Since we have been going, going, going and since he hasn’t gotten very much sleep I decided to give him his nap and just chilled in the car with him. I was sad to miss the class but happy my Little Cricket got in a good solid hour nap.


I spent the time catching up on Facebook, chatting with my hubby and I even got a little resting meditation in as well so it wasn’t a huge loss. Once Ms. Pool Shark returned to the car I perked up, we were after all heading to my ALL TIME FAVORITE place in Pittsburgh. Primanti Bros seems like a normal sandwich stop but it isn’t. It is a divine creator of the best sandwich in the world. I ordered my favorite Italian; fresh Italian bread, cooked meats, cheese, French fries, cole slaw and tomatoes. It is seriously amazing and I was so happy we finally made it here. My Little Cricket wasn’t exactly being super cooperative so Ms. Pool Shark slipped him her phone. And then he was a perfect zoned out baby.





Since Ms. Pool Shark and I had plans to go out tonight and leave the kids with a babysitter we decided to take the kids to a nearby favorite park. This place was awesome, although it took me a little while to get my Little Cricket off the stairs, he was totally fascinated by climbing up and down them for a while. Once I got him to the park we all had a blast. There were so many things to do and my Little Cricket was being bold.





We took a little break and walked around on some of the paths playing with the leaves and collecting sticks. Sadly my Little Cricket really bonked his head. He had a huge cement burn on his little head. He rarely cries and although he did cry this time it didn’t last long.






We even managed to get a little group photo, with me setting the timer and then rushing over. We did end up having to take a few photos to get one that worked but I was totally happy with it!


Finally we made it to the house, we got the kids organized with activities with the babysitter, we left detailed instructions and then we headed out. I was a little worried about leaving my baby boy but Ms. Pool Shark has known her sitter forever and most importantly she trusts her. Our plans were to get some photos of the fall foliage but first we took a quick pit stop at the lookout on Grandview Avenue on Mount Washington. It has amazing views of the city and rivers. We tried taking a few photos, a few selfies and some that we asked others to take. It was sunny and really windy and we didn’t get one single photo that both of us loved. Usually we take great photos together; our juju must have been off.





And then we really sure what we were doing. The plan was to drive out of the city to the surrounding hills and get some fall photos. But knowing which way to drive and which place will be the most photogenic is hard. We spent a good fifteen minutes on our phones looking up different areas and then finally settled on driving out to Murrysville. It ended up being a great choice. Ms. Pool Shark pulled over again, and again, and again so we could take photos. I couldn’t help but be so happy to be in the moment with someone who was just as excited as me. Not everyone would think it was ‘fun’ to drive for more than 3 hours just to see some pretty leaves but Ms. Pool Shark, she is a kindred spirit, and it heightened my joy to be sharing this moment with her joyful spirit.









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