Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pittsburgh: Day 4 – Breakfast, Birds & Bread

Ms. Pool Shark took her little girl to preschool and while she was at school we ran some errands and had breakfast. She took me to Pamela’s an adorable little yummy diner. Ms. Pool Shark has now lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years, to say that she knows this city well would be an understatement. And with Pittsburgh that is a feat, this town is sprawled across mountains and rivers, the roads are like crazy silly string spread across the town and nothing really makes any sense (and I say that after living there for 10 years).



After breakfast and running some errands we swung to pick up Ms. Pool Sharks daughter. Then we were off to the National Aviary a place that I was super excited to explore. It was super adorable, the rooms were a little rich in odor and the kids were a little less than pleased at first with the smell. We managed to get to see quite a bit but then the kids started melting down. You have to know when to pick your battles and when to retreat. You can only push kids so far before they start to crack. So we opted to leave a little earlier than I would have liked and head home.







At least on the way out I paused for a second, because in the exhibit there was a sloth. A bonified sloth. I have fallen in love with sloths every since I saw this video of Kristen Bell on the Ellen Degeneres show… totally worth the almost 4 minutes of your time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jw3T3Jy70


We got home tired again. But we had plans so there wasn’t any time for rest. Ms. Pool Shark was dying to learn how to make my grannies traditional Raisin Bread. With 6 grandkids I am the only one that is continuing the tradition of making the raisin bread. It was so awesome that Ms. Pool Shark is also a baker and wanted to be part of the family and learn the recipe. It was the first time I was teaching anyone to make it. And like how my mother taught me I made her jump right in and get her hands dirty. All I did was guide that girl through the steps. She did amazing and the bread came out PERFECT. It brought a little tear to my eye, my girl made my bread. And the bread recipe will hopefully live on through her branch of family now too.




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