Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pittsburgh: Day 3 – The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum is Da-Bomb

We woke up this morning for the first time not too rushed. Sure we had plans for the day. Ms. Pool Shark and I always have so much we want to do and so little time that our visits tend to be marathons of one awesomeness on top of another. This morning we took a moment to breath and while Ms. Pool Shark cooked up a pound of bacon, my girl she loves her bacon and so do I, I whipped up a batch of apple pancakes. Best breakfast EVER.


We had plans to meet some of Ms. Pool Shark mom friends at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum today, a place that neither of us have been to and a place that totally blew both of us away. In fact it made me a little jealous, LALA lands Children’s museum isn’t nearly as amazing. First off this place was huge, each room we went too, each floor we explored had so many fabulous things to explore. We started in the lobby with a little sing along and music.




Then we went to the little kids play area which was just perfect for My Little Cricket and even for the three four year olds we had with us too. Pittsburgh is where Mr. Rodgers lived and filmed and they had all the characters on display in this section.






There were a ton of places that were also a little too old for my Little Cricket but that the girls loved. Even some of the interactive pieces that us big girls loved too. But by far the most awesome thing in this palace of awesomeness was the water floor. A whole large area with grooved flooring that had so many cool water elements for the kids to play with. Of course knowing it was there we ended our day with the water floor. Dragging around wet kids didn’t sound fun. My Little Cricket just LOVES water so he had a blast on this floor. Oh how I wish I could designed something like this at my house.






And then we got home, super tired. Yesterday when Ms. Pool Shark and I were meal planning we talked about making chicken noodle soup. Both of us insisted our recipe was the best, so instead of just picking one to cook we cooked both. Totally logical to have a Chicken Noodle Soup cook-off after a long day out right. HA


We ended up cooking for hours, and then finally starving we sat down to our spread. Bowls of soup side by side we taste tested our own recipe against our rivals. The unanimous consensus was that both were fabulous yet entirely different. Ms. Pool Shark makes hers with store bought stock but uses rotisserie chicken. I make my soup from scratch which results in a homemade stock but in order to get the stock I boil my chicken so it loses that beautiful rotisserie flavor Ms. Pool Sharks soup has. Both were divine and we gobbled up bowls and bowls along with olive oils and whipped goat cheese with baguette and wine. FOOD-GASIM!



We ended our very full bellied meal with a specialty cupcake we got at the fancy grocery store. We really didn’t need the extra calories, but they were there, and they looked delicious and Ms. Pool Shark sang me a belated happy birthday. We really had no choice but to eat it, and loosen our belt loops another notch.


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