Monday, October 13, 2014

Pittsburgh: Day 2 – A Day of Childish Adventures and Adult Indulgences

This morning we started our day bright an early with an outing to a pumpkin patch. Ms. Pool Sharks little girl had a class outing there that we joined. Ms. Pool Shark and I lived together for years and we often got ready to go out together. This was a whole different ballpark. We had to get ready but also pack two little kids up as well. Often we tag teamed, while one put on makeup the other got little shoes on little feet. We managed to miraculously get out the door on time… Ms. Pool Shark and I were never known for our on time departures.

We arrived at the pumpkin patch and I was in fall foliage heaven. Seriously when I travel away from oh so perfect and sunny LALA land I get goosebumps. There is actual weather in other places of the country. And this time of year, fall which is my favorite, there are the most beautiful colors back-dropped by moody cloudy skies. I could feel my soul fill with happiness.



We all piled in to the ole tractor pull filled with bales of hay for seats. Yeah hay doesn’t make the best seat, its pokey and kept jabbing my thighs. Since it was warm out I had dressed my Little Cricket in shorts, and well that was a bad mommy move. Poor little kid didn’t appreciate the poking in his thighs as well, but at least those were covered. His poor little legs, he didn’t like that hay one tiny little bit.






The pumpkin patch was a little kids mecca, which was perfect. They had little photo stations and giant tires sunk into the ground that my Little Cricket just LOVED. But the best thing I think was the full fire engine. Kids were crawling all over that thing, pushing buttons and using the slide. It was so super cool and my Little Cricket could have spent all day there.







There were a bunch of other things like a gigantic sack slide, a wall-less maze made out of just stones on the ground that I thought was perfect for little kids. And of course my favorite the corn maze. I haven’t been in one of these since I was a little kid. It wasn’t an impressive one, pretty small in fact, but it was still nostalgic. At the end we were allowed to take a pumpkin, but none of us wanted to carry one so we opted out.





Now starving, because who had time for breakfast, we headed around the corner to one of Ms. Pool Sharks favorite Mexican places. My Little Cricket wasn’t happy with the food at all but thankfully I had plenty of other snacks to give him. I was pretty impressed with Ms. Pool Shark’s little girl and her special, very disgusting looking, potion. EWWWW. One thing I do love about being with people I love, who I see eye to eye with like Ms. Pool Shark, is that I can learn so much about being a mom. I love Ms. Pool Sharks ‘yes’ style of parenting. She gently steers her daughter and usually instead of saying no to something she wants to do she try's to figure out a way that she can say yes. It’s a parenting philosophy I love.



Just as we were finishing up dinner we got a text from one of Ms. Pool Shark’s mom friends. They were just around the corner at a play place… did we want to join. We had a few hours to kill and the kids were still ready to play so we headed over. The place was adorable. A whole village of houses and toys for the kids to play, it was a fantastic make-believe world. Although my Little Cricket didn't understand most of the make-believe beauty of the place he still had a good time exploring and getting into trouble. Again the other moms, moms who all have almost four year old's, got to sit and chat while I ran all over the place. I was tired... but I just have to remember that this too shall pass.





Tonight Ms. Pool Shark managed to get a babysitter while we went literally two minutes from the house to dinner. Alla Famiglia is one of her all-time favorite restaurants and I have to agree. We are both big foodies and this place was divine. We couldn't really decide what to order so we just decided to do a little tapas style. We ordered a killer meatball, seriously it was as big as my head and probably the best thing I have eaten in forever. A yummy caprese salad. And of course wine and desserts. It was a long drawn out 2 hour meal of awesomeness. Just me and my girl.






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